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  1. Label 8 microcentrifuge tube lids separately: 2 with “1ul”, 2 with “20ul”, 2 with “100ul” and 2 with “500ul”
  2. Weight each tube on the analytical balance and record the mass to the nearest 0.001g
  3. Pipet the volume of water written on each tube into the tube
  4. Re-weigh the tubes and record the mass to the nearest 0.001g
  5. Calculate the mass (g) of the water in each tube (Mass of tube with water (g) – Mass of tube without water (g) = Mass of water (g))
  6. Check accuracy of pipetting technique knowing that 1ml water = 1gram
    1. e.g., 200ul water = 0.2ml = 0.2g



discuss this protocol.